What is the electronic commerce of Shanghai dragon

summary: what is the electronic commerce of Shanghai dragon? It is actually very simple, is the electronic commerce network.


b) Shanghai dragon compared to SEM promotion cost lower.

as Taobao and Tmall these business platform using shielding some of the mainstream search engine robots.txt, so Taobao and Tmall these shops do Shanghai dragon also have no meaning. Jingdong and Dangdang although there is no shielding search engine, but after all, not their own independent website can be optimized for the smaller room. Therefore, suggestions on Optimization of Shanghai Longfeng significant independent B2C site. read more

Yishui view relationship to talk about website optimization and the structure of the human body

do website optimization for a long time, met the most is nothing more than home page optimization, articles, links to such problems, I can not help it will be linked to these problems and the structure of the human body, do site optimization as a person, people have a brain, bones, flesh, meridians, homepage, content, keywords, inside chain net station etc..


site within the chain as the meridians and meridians throughout the body, and plays an important role in making various organs of good coordination, is the main channel of systemic blood running, in the same chain to our site, throughout the site, is the main channel of the spider crawling, the body meridians can not connected, but can not appear meridians no symptoms, but the site within the chain is also so, the chain is not the more the better, should pay attention to the distribution and form, and can not appear dead links, link error phenomenon. Source: 贵族宝贝hqbank.cc Yishui webmaster from original, please specify. read more

Cheng Wei 15 billion dollars has been melted down, still financing, not yet to the endKeep the car t

According to the

according to the introduction, Didi travel has invested OFO, Cheng Wei is OFO director, Didi travel and OFO also have a lot of cooperation.

Cheng Wei pointed out that in the shared platform, can be used 10 times a day, can reduce half of the car all services built several large parking lots in the suburbs of the city center, parking lot can become green and the school, this change will happen over the next ten years.

it’s hard to imagine half a year without having to buy another car. A bike can be used ten times a day on a shared platform. read more

About Alt and Title of the two label usage

Title: the label link notes.

Alt and Title two label usage, we usually are in use, recently a lot of friends ask such a question, how to use these two labels should be good in Shanghai Longfeng in? Here is what Qingyong personal understanding and practice, talk about their own suggestions:

because the search engine page source code, if the links or images with the Title or Alt tag, but also be helpful to such a key of the ascent (do not deliberately use these two labels to add a keyword density). read more

Luna chubby medical website optimization editor vulnerable

Many novice

wants more webmaster, editors can attach importance to this work, adjust the focus of the work, because we need a visitor’s approval, only that web site will go farther and farther, farther and better, www.pb39贵族宝贝 original, reproduced must be marked "/p> copyright, thank you!

third: website editor should be gradual.

, website editing work, update the content is simple, it is not, because many websites, especially the transformation of medical websites need more content rate, because the patient needs through this article to understand the hospital, understand their disease, more important can end through your hospital therapy to solve their problems, so the website editors should need to know about the patient needs, this is the key to website content update. read more

f the website is not to talk about the role of internal link optimization

in the web site, users in the website, it is in doubt for some words on the page? Will get lost in the web page, you want to find little page? Although internal links is an attraction add a ZZ optimization for crawling, but internal link building is the overall site planning the. Complete loss of internal link optimization, can also affect the user experience of the website. Thus, a chain optimization not within the site, will greatly affect the user access and deeper page browsing. More visible, well within the chain optimization website, not only to enhance the user experience of the website, improve website impression, reduce website bounce rate, more conducive to enhancing the overall weight of the site (the site also search engine users love love website). read more

Do the data analysis to improve website weight

, a weight from

search engine through the overall performance of the web to raise or drop a website. The overall performance including: the content of the website, the chain structure of the site, the site of the vote, the audience, the website of timeliness, site of scarce resources and so on these comprehensive factors. The station outside the station and two factors, the search engine weights through the comprehensive score of these factors to judge a site.


2. pageviews (PV

) through data analysis ?The weight of the read more

Close a Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis to help you break

pictured as "a statistical diagnosis in Shanghai Shanghai dragon" love in the index, through the observation that the diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng heat always keep a steady growth trend. The index data is not a lot, but the figure can be found an interesting phenomenon: the more rapid development of the region, the optimization is more focused on the diagnosis of Shanghai dragon. Why so? Network marketing developed city has always been the high point, and the creation of these enterprises every year in the city network marketing value, but also in other city several times or even several times, even in sales are not anxious to store marketing. read more

High quality content push skills let B2B industry website traffic doubled

B2B website is a platform, a market, good and bad, valuable information is of little value, and as a platform operator, we have the responsibility to "push" website content to the user, allowing users to first see is the high quality content, is promoted one of the methods of user experience, but also make the search engine of B2B industry site high weight, increase the user experience, search engines, much higher ranking, natural flow will rise. Some of the many people at QQ said: Li Xuejiang, you help me look at our website, I found the most good websites do not have serious problems in content push. read more

Discussion on enterprise competitive keywords Shanghai Dragon

enterprise competitive keywords now become many companies competing to compete in bidding competition, for our Shanghai dragon these words will appear a lot we can not imagine the situation, according to the experience of the last 3 months to operating industry keywords, and in the optimization of the Related words three months in Shanghai love home. In fact, we believe in is not so difficult, here I will take some practice to detail my


said that, in fact, a small industry key is not so difficult, just to test our patience and perseverance, the foundation well, love Shanghai will give you a good ranking. My writing is not good please include a lot of read more