West Court to apply for the implementation of the urgent need to help the poor relief

from Shaanxi to work in Xining Lee asked for more than two years of wages, due to the unknown whereabouts of the debtor was in trouble. In April 27th, Xining City West District People’s Court of the Executive Board issued capital of ten thousand yuan to help poor communities to Lee et al., to solve the difficult problem of life of Lee et al., 4 implementation of the backlog carried smoothly.

April 24, 2007, West Court civil judgment of Lee and enforcees Cai Zhao, labor contract dispute case verdict, Cai Li and others pay wage arrears 5913 yuan, Zhao bear joint liability payment. After the entry into force of the judgment, CAI and Zhao did not pay arrears on schedule, so Lee, who apply to the court for enforcement. However, the implementation of the process, the whereabouts of a missing Choi, Lee et al and Zhao Mou reached a settlement agreement, agreed to postpone payment. But Zhao took out 1722 yuan, due to too much debt, there is no ability to pay. At this point, Lee and other people asking for wages have spent more than one thousand yuan of travel expenses, life has not landed.

to solve the difficulties of Lee et al, the implementation of the judge for the applicant to apply for judicial assistance, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the applicant.


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