Xining, a number of economic indicators in the forefront of the growth rate of 26 provincial capital

2013, Xining, a number of economic indicators of growth in the country’s 26 provincial cities in the forefront.

over the past year, the city of Xining to overcome the economic downturn continued for a long time, the market downturn, the employment pressure increases and many other problems, by vigorously adjust the industrial structure, change the mode of development, improve the stable development of national economy, improve the quality and efficiency are new. The annual GDP of 97 billion 460 million yuan, total investment in fixed assets of 92 billion 500 million yuan, local public budget revenue 6 billion 710 million yuan, increased by 14%, 32% and 22.5%; urban residents per capita disposable income and rural per capita net income increased 12% and 15.5%; annual 31486 new jobs, the registered urban unemployment rate at 3.04%. Industrial added value increased by 18%, the Development Zone industrial added value accounted for the city’s industrial added value ratio of up to 64.4%. Total retail sales of social consumer goods grew by 15%, more than the size of industrial enterprises increased by more than 46, the new cultivation of various types of market players more than 2 households, an increase of 24.3%. Annual employment of 8026 college students, entrepreneurship driven employment of 8103 people, rural labor transfer employment of 400 thousand people.

big projects to bring great development, urban construction presents a faction vitality. The city’s various types of housing construction area of 17 million 840 thousand square meters, more than 11th Five-Year more than 150 square meters, a number of modern residential quarters have been built, improve people’s living environment, urban infrastructure construction has been rapid development, to further improve the city carrier function. New construction of affordable housing 35757 sets of urban, rural households in the masses of the people to enjoy subsidized housing subsidies and reconstruction subsidies for 17865. "Military enterprises build a model village" activities that benefited 86 thousand people, the whole village poverty alleviation and relocation project to reduce rural poverty population of 51 thousand people. Implementation of various types of construction projects 654, of which more than 100 million new projects opened 59. Infrastructure investment amounted to 14 billion 200 million yuan, more than the sum of the previous 2 years.

over the past year, Xining has always been the source of reform and opening up as a source of power, cancel and adjust the 26 items of administrative examination and approval. In the form of government procurement of services, the first in the province to carry out a pilot home care services. 293 thousand farmers to turn households, the city’s urbanization rate of 68.2%. Consolidate and improve the hospital after the first settlement of medical service model, the basic drug coverage, zero margin were maintained at 100%. Implementation of investment projects 477, in place funds of $56 billion 200 million. The city’s social security and employment investment amounted to 2 billion 270 million yuan, urban residents and the new rural cooperative medical care financing standards were raised by $70; financial expenditure for the livelihood of the people reached 16 billion 700 million yuan, accounting for more than 80%, more than last year, more than $1 billion 760 million. Beginning of the year to the people of the city’s commitment to the 58 major projects to do a comprehensive cash. (author: Xiao Liu)


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