Supply and marketing cooperatives in Xining by the national industry leader title

December 27th, held in Beijing, the national supply and marketing cooperatives system selection ceremony, the Xining supply and marketing cooperatives won the impact of China’s supply and marketing cooperatives 60 years of the association of the industry’s leading agency title.

in recent years, Xining city of supply and marketing cooperatives to solve the problem of difficulty in selling agricultural products as their responsibility, to play the industry point, line length, unobstructed information advantages for farmers matchmaking, so that a large number of agricultural products to the market outside the province smoothly, and actively "lineup" International stage. Xining city at all levels of the supply and marketing cooperatives and the affiliated enterprise, according to the local agricultural products cultivation characteristics, highlight coleseed, broad bean, potato, carrot, seasonal vegetables and other characteristics of agricultural products sales, and other businesses active joint cooperation, agricultural products are exported to Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei and other markets. In addition, Xining city of supply and marketing cooperatives also pay attention to the peasant brokers and farmer cooperatives, to build sales network, adhere to the purchase and sale of both in sales, to promote sales of purchase, accelerate the return of funds to expand the number of acquisitions, the purchase and sale of agricultural products throughout the system to carry out everything in good order and well arranged. Only in 2009, Xining city of supply and marketing cooperatives system of sales of more than 20 thousand tons of various agricultural products, sales of nearly one hundred million yuan.


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