This year, the province will strive to break through the 6 billion yuan mark

January 15th, reporters from the provincial water conservancy work meeting was informed that in 2014 the province will strive to the whole society of water conservancy investment 6 billion yuan, completed the provincial government to determine the objectives and tasks of the year lead Da Ji Huang project, solve the safety problems of drinking water for 250 thousand people. The annual increase of 200 thousand acres of irrigated area, improved irrigation area of more than 300 thousand acres, soil erosion area of more than 150 square kilometers.

it is understood that in 2013, the provincial water resources department to implement 5 billion 330 million yuan of investment in infrastructure construction, increase of 14.8% over the previous year, the central investment 2 billion 530 million yuan, the provincial investment 1 billion 870 million yuan, the total investment of a record high. Yindajihuang project to reverse the years of stagnation; to solve the agricultural and pastoral areas 300 thousand people drinking water safety problem; improvement of the irrigation area of 325 thousand acres; the implementation of the 20 seat hundreds of works of strengthening dangerous reservoirs. Flood control and drought areas for 198 million yuan of special funds, the implementation of flood and drought in more than 190 projects, the application of "Handilong" 510 thousand acres, purchase equipment for 32 drought service.

this year, the provincial water resources department will be in accordance with the "scale of investment growth, the project has the construction speed, depth, enhance the management level, improve the system dynamic, the image of" the requirements of the construction industry, the focus on the implementation of major water conservancy projects, deepen the reform of key areas of water, water to carry out the construction of ecological civilization, to solve the problem of weak links 10 water conservancy work pay close attention to reform and innovation, construction of system and mechanism of water conservancy science development; ecological water conservancy, create new highlights of plateau water conservancy development.


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