27 roads to solicit public opinion

October 14th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the city’s 27 new roads to be named program freshly baked, the name of these new roads to be appropriate, is now to the general public for comments and suggestions. It is understood that, in order to speed up the pace of urban construction, promote economic development in Xining, so that the name of the city road in line with the requirements of the construction of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau modernization of the central city. According to the State Council "names management regulations" article sixth, paragraph sixth of the "urban street name, by the municipality, city and County People’s government approval of the provisions of the Ministry of civil affairs and the" place names Regulations Implementing Rules ", the Qinghai Provincial People’s government management implementation measures", the "names" Xining city names management measures "of the relevant requirements, the many discussions and studies, comprehensive relevant units of opinions and suggestions, 27 new roads in our city to be fresh out of the naming scheme. According to the relevant person in charge of the new road to be named follow the bearing and mining history and culture, take care of customs, profound principle, and fully respect the old names meaning, choose some easy to be accepted by the masses, and catchy, can play a role in the name of publicity of Qinghai Tourism culture. The proposed naming scheme for the new road will be announced for public comment until October 24th. Contact person: Wang Quanlu, Tel: 8295873. The following new roads in our city to the naming scheme: 1: your road from north to south, is located in the small East District of South West Xiakou, Bayi Road, North Road to pay. Length 1300 meters, width of 16 meters. Named in Guinan County in our province, is conducive to the beauty of Qinghai propaganda. 2: North and south to the East-West trade road, located in the north area of Qinghai Tibet Plateau Agricultural Distribution Center East, North Qaidam Road, South West center. Length 1300 meters, width of 18 meters. Qinghai Tibet Plateau agricultural and sideline products distribution center business is booming. 3 Jin Chuan Road: from north to south, is located in Nanchuan Industrial Park Dongshan root Tongan Road East, West, South Min Huang Road, north to General Dan highway. Length 15014 meters, width of 28 meters. Meaning the Nanchuan Industrial Park Qianchengsijin italy. 4: Lin River Road from north to south, is located in the east of Nanchuan, Tongan Road West, South and north to Fort bridge, Xie village. Length of 7799 meters, width of 21 meters. The road along the Nanchuan River and built, called kylin River, the "Lin" name can play the role of bearing and mining history and culture. 5 Street: Jinyuan east-west, located in Sichuan Road, North East North water, Jin Chuan Road, West River Road Zhilin. Length of 879 meters, width of 16 meters. The road along the water Jinyuan residential area built by Jinyuan named, easy to be accepted and catchy. 6 Qinghe Street: East to west, located in the north of the fifteenth street, Qinghe Road Planning, from the Eastern Jin Chuan Avenue in the middle, West to Tongan road. Length of 707 meters, width of 16 meters. Because the road runs through the Qinghe Village, named after Qinghe, fully embodies the meaning of the old place names, but also to further carry forward its meaning. 7 Phoenix on the main street: located in the northern area of Nanchuan, east-west road red line width of 26 meters, West planning Guide Road, East Nanchuan Road, about 1175 meters long, Laifeng Road on the south side of planning for education, from Phoenix, Phoenix coming coming naming italy. 8 South Road: bit;

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