112 livestock and poultry slaughterhouse inspection

in order to ensure the quality and safety of meat in our province, to create a safe food environment for consumers, the provincial veterinary bureau, province dynamic monitoring recently jointly composed of 4 work teams to the province to carry out before the livestock and poultry slaughterhouses, meat market special inspection activities.
it is understood that the total inspection of livestock and poultry slaughterhouse 112, meat market in 227, focus on examination of the slaughter and quarantine and quarantine supervision market. From the inspection situation, at all levels of animal health supervision are required to the slaughterhouse in the official veterinary quarantine, implement the responsibility system and measures, and "Clenbuterol" quarantine inspection record is complete, use the standard documents and quarantine. The quarantine of animal products can be not qualified according to the provisions of the harmless treatment and supervision procedures intact; meat market operations in the vast majority of meat sources clearly, quarantine quarantine marks, obvious signs, basically holds "animal quarantine certification". But the inspectors also found that some counties do not pay enough attention to the slaughter and quarantine and quarantine work, there is not in place; a meat market management confusion, management of meat sources, quarantine situation is not clear, the working group on inspection problems, make feedback to the area, and require rectification.


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