Regulations in Qinghai Province in March 1st the implementation of the work of Local Records

February 6th, the provincial government held a press conference, issued the "Regulations" of Qinghai province local records, the provisions since March 1st formally implemented. The promulgation and implementation of the "Regulations" fill the gaps in the legislative work of the local chronicles of the province, which marks that the work of the local chronicles of the province has entered a legal orbit.
the compilation of local chronicles is the excellent Chinese national culture characteristic, is accompanied by the Chinese nation’s glorious career life and growth in nature. The development of local chronicles is a basic project to build an excellent cultural heritage system, carry forward the fine traditional Chinese culture, enrich the people’s spiritual and cultural life, and enhance the overall strength and competitiveness of the culture. The "provision" of Qinghai province local records work defines the concept of local chronicles and the duties, requirements and procedures of compiling the contents of the twenty-four, Qinghai, Qinghai to the world and providing a reference for promoting the understanding of the world.
it is understood that my editing province socialist new local chronicles work began in the last century at the beginning of 80s, after 20 years of efforts, in 2008, our province completed the "Qinghai province" the first round of revision work, a total of three counties, 130 level records editing department, industry department, Department of Chi Chi 13, 4 military records 70, 1 village and township Chi Chi 6. In 1997, local chronicles office compiled a large comprehensive annual data of the "Qinghai literature Yearbook", as of now, the province all localities and departments published compilation of various comprehensive yearbooks, more than 30 professional yearbook. According to the law in August 2006 to start the second round of work. In 2010, after the Yushu earthquake, the provincial Office of local chronicles and the timely launch of the "Yushu earthquake disaster relief reconstruction" compilation.

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