Business needs to do a good job to buy a small ticket

now do whatever you need a small ticket, naturally there will be a small ticket purchase. Some careless boss character, a small ticket may be lost. In fact, if you want to do business, reduce losses, these small ticket can not be lost. Yesterday, a brand of sausage business salesman to my store delivery. At that time, as long as I have a box of goods, the salesman obviously unhappy: "a box?"

I said, "yes. I have already called you, let you to the delivery and transfer of goods, but you have not come, I have entered the goods from other salesman. I have here some goods have the future, can you give me change?" Originally goods will be less, but also to exchange! The salesman was a little angry: "your goods are not in our here, I can not give you change!"

as a matter of fact, it’s what he offered me, but I can’t explain it again and again. Finally, the clerk said: "you come up with I opened a small ticket delivery time, or that the more good." A few months ahead of the goods, I could not find a small ticket purchase. There is no evidence, I can not help but look at the salesman left.

in the evening, I will get a small ticket before the stock out. Fortunately, I usually have a habit of closing the purchase of small votes, and placed in a fixed position. In order to sort out these small votes, the husband also disdain to me, said: "these small ticket can be used? Put it up." Now, my approach is finally in use. I look for the previous purchase of small votes, and finally found the need for the. So, I immediately called the situation told the salesman. The second day, the clerk to the advent ham sausage give me change.

an existing object, just because it is properly preserved, to avoid the loss, which is undoubtedly a blessing for the owner". So, a small ticket to help me to retrieve a loss. In this also reminds the retail friends, the purchase of small ticket must be collected, so that it is possible to reduce losses, improve store profit returns.

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