Aba first half of import and export $17 million 170 thousand

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ABA, is a regional economic development lags behind, the local government has taken measures to alleviate poverty. However, under the strong support of the government, under the unity of the people, actively develop the local characteristics of the industry, thereby effectively improving the economic development of the region. And the products are exported to foreign countries, the ABA on the first half of the import and export 17 million 170 thousand U.S. dollars.

according to the Customs Statistics: the first half of the ABA import and export amounted to $17 million 170 thousand, the completion of the annual import and export target of $30 million 57.2%; which exports $13 million 180 thousand, an increase of 0.9%, the completion of the annual export target of $22 million in 59.9%, imports of $3 million 990 thousand.

in the process of economic development, the problem is not the most terrible. Terrible is the escape, terrible is it for the ABA area situation, actively play their own advantages, vigorously promote the development of the industry, made a series of achievements, it is very worthy of recognition.

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