See how Mr. Wang changed from a part-time job into a small boss

many migrant workers do not preserve the status quo, but there is yet no action, missed a lot of opportunities. As a member of the working family, Wang Rui positive action, opened a tea shop, opened the road to entrepreneurship. By opening such a tea store, he quickly in the entrepreneurial industry stand out as a representative of the successful boss.

tea shop owner Wang Rui, in front of the shop is just a shuttle in the city of ordinary working people, by working to save down a small amount of money they intend to open a shop boss. As a young man, in the face of the unknown life, we are all in for Mi Zhilian, no such a spirit of Mi Zhilian, how we can truly succeed?!

in the comprehensive understanding, he found the Michelin maximum for investors to consider allowing investors to spend less money to get a comprehensive professional safe service. Tasting Michelin series of drinks, he became convinced that Michelin can adapt to consumer groups taste, according to seasonal changes continue to introduce new beverage guarantee throughout the year no off-season, this drink does not want to make money? Hard!

he will choose a store in the downtown area of only 10 square meters of shops, here is the shopping street, and there is a large shopping plaza, especially at weekends or holidays, a large flow of people, and most of the young people is to go shopping. A quick, healthy, good drink is the perfect choice for their shopping!

after Michelin headquarters training after his Michelin shop opened the rash and too much in haste! When the trial operation, the headquarters specially sent guidance opening, provide promotion plan for him, his business day ban shop flow waves, everyone was busy didn’t even have time to eat. On the day of business, his turnover on more than three thousand, and now the store’s daily turnover of not less than one thousand! With a small shop, he let his parents live a better life!

because it is his own boss, the store is like his children like him to let him love, let him care, every day in order to busy busy, let him feel very happy. Mi Zhilian headquarters have been concerned about the child’s growth, until now, the headquarters also often call him a return visit, provide marketing programs and new information for him, he encountered timely solve the problems in the process of operation.

started tea shop is a good choice, the Wang Rui Mr. Wang to seize the good business opportunities, choose a relatively well-known tea brand, opened up the road of wealth. From his entrepreneurial history, for investors, the key to success is that you need to understand the market, choose a reliable brand, with good management skills, you can win.

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