Open procedures and documents for noodle

from the teacher education we need to do a good law-abiding children grow up, nature is the same, because of the social order is relying on the premise of each of us will not touch the bottom line of the law, entrepreneurship is the same.

venture project selection has always been a concern for many people, but the lack of entrepreneurial experience and capital, small business is the primary choice of the problem, but in the end how it should be small business is a headache, actually opened a noodle shop is a good project to make money. So what procedures and documents need to open a noodle shop? The following Xiaobian to introduce in detail.

procedures and documents required to open a noodle shop

1, health and epidemic prevention station is to do a health certificate, you need to go to the store staff first called to do a health certificate, and then take a food service license, and then to do business license.

2, now food hygiene license has been canceled, but the need for catering service license to the food and drug administration, when handling the staff will come to your store to check the sanitation, mainly related to whether people, how far away from residential smoke, water, water (standard 4), disinfection equipment, fire miewenying equipment, equipment.

now if you follow the normal procedure is this:

1, first take the ID card and a copy of the original registration name to the local industry and commerce, remember that this is just a registered name, not to apply for business license. Because in order to obtain business license, must first go to the area of environmental protection departments and health supervision to apply for sewage permits and health permits.

2, sewage permit application: first to the District Environmental Protection Bureau to apply for, after accepting, the staff will come to inspect and guide. The two necessary conditions for obtaining the permit for the discharge of pollutants are: there must be no residential buildings above the ground; the sewage shall be incorporated into the municipal sewage pipe. Home inspection staff will be based on the size of the business area to determine what kind of fume hood installed. Buy their own home hood or environmental protection has not recognized the range hood is not. Staff at the certificate office to remind: before deciding to rent a store or renovation, it is best to consult the environmental protection department. For example, some shop owners in the shop decoration, smoke or kitchen window just behind the alignment of the household, even if management did not know, the residents will still go to complain, finally often have to spend money on adjustment.

3, food and beverage service license application: find the jurisdiction of the food and drug administration to apply for acceptance, and then let the restaurant employees to conduct health checks, food hygiene knowledge training. Under the premise of inspection and training qualified, mainly in the following aspects: first, the health facilities are complete, the main

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