Tong Xixie, general manager of North tour research team left the entrepreneurial venture entrepreneu

open a lot of online games online advertising, the market needs to bring new business opportunities. The design of these games, naturally have their own entrepreneurial dream. North Tong Xixie, general manager of the company’s exposure to swim off the entrepreneurial team, the new company focused on R & D, a detailed look at the details of it!

3 14 June 2007, general manager of Tong Xi tour North research articles such as more than and 30 days before the core producer was traced to leave the venture, has set up a new company, M. It is understood that the new company, such as Hei hei venture will focus on R & D business.

Xi Tong, a former general manager of a R & D center in North China, responsible for the tour all mobile game development work. The end of the tour times served as the "eight guardians" client main program, "Luding Ji (micro-blog)" main program, is also responsible for the program and engine, the development of a new generation of engines. Comprehensive transformation of Mobile Games swim in R & D, was appointed as the head of a mobile development, launched during the months of water over two hundred million national Mobile Games Denon eight "3D" and "the edge", "wind and cloud", "Legend of Sword and Fairy five biography" and other successful products.

data show that the important sector of North research as Sohu tour tour’s focus on basic research and development, was launched in late 2014 martial arts theme MMORPG Mobile Games Denon eight "3D" on the first day of the line, water 12 million 570 thousand, and among the AppStore and the Android channel list Top3. In 2015, "Denon eight 3D" a new piece of information "hero beggars" beta new version of the line after 24 hours, the water reached 17 million 850 thousand, compared with the daily number of new game player game player upgrade more than 4 times.

tour in 2015 earnings report revealed that the company network game revenues of $637 million, down 2%. Among them, the fourth quarter mobile games monthly active accounts fell by $47%, monthly paid users fell by 40%.

has been exposed leaving tour executives list in recent years:

2014 in February 10th, a CFO where the Czech Republic submitted his resignation, leaving in March 4, 2014, chief financial officer Sheng Wen acting chief financial officer. Over the same period, he announced to join the entrepreneurial venture.


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