Which brand is good for children

with the development of science and technology, now the children go out to play, is no longer a simple people by holding a shopping cart, not only let the parents arm liberation, children can play more happy, because of this, the children will be more and more broad market cart. So, in such a large market, which brand of children’s carts good?

baby stroller is in addition to the baby’s favorite walking means of transport, but also the mother took the baby to go shopping when necessary. However, according to the baby’s growth, use, baby stroller can be divided into many types. According to Japan’s national standards, baby stroller can basically be divided into type A and type B. In general, the A is a 2 month old to start the use of spacious and comfortable lying on the cart; B model is the beginning of the month of the month to start the use of portable portable trolley.


is within six months babies can not sit, so more suitable for reclining, not lying above the baby cart until six months to use more appropriate a cart about baby can use about two years old, mainly for the standards in accordance with the load.

children’s car which brand is good? Good child GB (beginning in 1989, the domestic large-scale children’s products group, influential baby supplies brand, good kids (China) Trading Co., Ltd.)

children’s car which brand is good? Combi Combi (started in 1957 in Japan, Japan’s Combi Corporation’s brand, the world’s top ten well-known baby supplies brand, large multinational companies, Combi (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)

children’s car which brand is good? GRACO GRACO (founded in 1942 in the US, the world famous brand products, infant baby supplies large manufacturers, Aprica (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.)

children’s car which brand is good? Dragons ha he HappyDino (children’s, a small dinosaur changed its name, the domestic children’s products industry influence brand, global large children’s products provider, good children (Chinese) Trading Co., Ltd.)

children’s car which brand is good? Aprica Aprica (in Japan in 1947, the baby stroller leading brand, committed to the world’s advanced parenting ideas and the spread of scientific child care equipment, Aprica (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.)

children’s car which brand is good? Quinny Nigeria cool (from Holland baby stroller brand high-end, top European car brand, with its innovative design and leads the industry’s leading technology and reputation, in 2001 to become the Dorel industry group under the brand name


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