Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University teaching to establish a new model of Education Managem

The employment of

students is an important livelihood issues, the more difficult the job market, facing the huge employment pressure of College students. To solve this problem, colleges and universities began to focus on innovation and entrepreneurship education, to help students out of a new way to promote employment.

— focusing on the curriculum construction and lay a solid foundation. Freshman seminar will focus on divergent thinking as freshman courses, explore the diverse class of general education mode, cultivate innovative thinking ability; open "entrepreneurship foundation" "entrepreneurial awareness training" elective courses into quality education core curriculum system of college students, enhance students’ basic quality of entrepreneurship; continue to carry out entrepreneurial elite culture plan "and" the young farmer training plan, strengthen students’ entrepreneurial skills. Classroom teaching content layer by layer, progressive. Organized business forum, the "sail" series of entrepreneurial salon, with a variety of second class of perfect curriculum system.

– innovative teaching methods to enhance the efficiency of. In the course of College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, the reform of teaching methods. One is the implementation of small class teaching, the curriculum capacity of strict control, group management, and actively pays attention to each student’s learning state; two is the introduction of heuristic teaching, excavate students’ thinking potential to "design thinking" and other rotary courses; three is to carry out experiential teaching, carry out seminars for freshmen in the experimental demonstration base outside the station. The students in the experience of enhancing cognition and identity; four are rich in assessment methods, creative solutions, product model, research into the assessment methods, has gradually formed a "high energy" guide. Through the transformation of teaching methods, we should focus on cultivating students’ critical and creative thinking.

, strengthen the teaching staff help guide. Schools to "choose the recruits, with professional and guidance" approach established by experts and professors, executives, entrepreneurs and cadres cross composed by 89 college students entrepreneurship base, involving more than 20 industries and professional, all-round guidance; school teachers to participate in business consultant selection entrepreneurial mentor, SIYB lecturer, Babson College entrepreneurship training teachers study of nearly 20 people, improve the teaching ability; the consciousness and ability of innovation and entrepreneurship education into staff training, improve the entrepreneurial mentor responsibility system, implement the examination management, strengthen the guidance of teachers consciousness; flexible career guidance class recognition, sound system transformation scientific research, improve teachers’ participation enthusiasm.

— focus on the entrepreneurial practice ability training. Constantly improve the hard practice platform, and build students’ venture incubator demonstration area, improve entrepreneurial team working conditions, opening laboratory, greenhouse and other types of school scientific research platform, to build an open sharing interactive environment for innovation, to support efforts to tap the soft conditions; practice platform, recommended

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