Shenzhen Huanggang Customs seized the fruits of seed immigration case

in our lives, although the economic globalization has come, the trade between countries is also very frequent, but when entering the customs still need to pay a certain tariff! In December 5th, Shenzhen Huanggang customs and inspection and Quarantine Bureau in Huanggang immigration entry seized a small lane with hidden fruit and seed immigration cases, seized undeclared fruit, ice cream Mommy fruit seed 27.5 kilograms, according to this event we understand the specific details of A.

12 5 at noon on about 12 o’clock, a two car brand from Huanggang port immigration immigration immigration check. When the vehicle passes through the customs inspection Lane automatic nuclear release system, the system sounded the alarm sound, indicating that the car has been listed as the main object of customs inspection. Huanggang customs officers immediately to vehicle control, and artificial overhaul.

in the vehicle trunk, customs officers found two old carton, open look, there are some "strange" and "small adorable".

A box of

weight of 5.5 kg, filled with thousands of half thumb size shell shape items, some like ginkgo, some like almonds, some like small seashells, showing like dessert of ice cream or cake pan that the attractive "butter yellow color". Another box weighs 22 kilograms, the goods is black, is also a hard shell shaped, about 1/3 above the palms, having gray hair. In the middle of the "black ball", also placed a small plastic bag, filled with some "big bean grain" Brown "stone"

after initial questioning, the driver said these items are "outside the back, can grow fruit edible seeds".

by the Shenzhen Huanggang inspection and Quarantine Bureau to assist in the investigation, these two items are indeed the seeds of foreign fruit.

"cream yellow shell" is an Australian "ice cream" fruit of the fruit and seed, and the "black ball" is a Cuban "horse Meiguo" fruit seed, the horse Meiguo in China’s Taiwan region known as the "Mommy fruit". And that a small bag of bean stone "is" naked for mummy "fruit seeds and villi after peeling of the outer shell"".

driver did not declare to the customs before entering the country, the source of these seeds and health status is unknown, can not provide any proof of legal entry.

although these "fruit ice cream" and "mommy" fruit of the fruit seeds, regardless of appearance, or the name of "Meng Meng Da", but for the protection of the ecological environment in China, Huanggang customs detained this batch of fruits and seeds, and handed over to the inspection and quarantine departments for further processing. It is understood that these fruit seeds are likely to be destroyed.

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