Business war transfer from O2O to the B2B industry

O2O entrepreneurial model has attracted a lot of entrepreneurs to join the venture market, and now the development of the field of money B2B more powerful. Therefore, entrepreneurs have fought in the field of B2B, and strive to build their own entrepreneurial life in this industry.


in the overall product quality and service level, operation efficiency and no real ascension, the platform does not have the ability to profitability, investors can only rely on the commercial capital blood transfusion, such loop is very fragile, once encountered financial turmoil or liquidity difficulties, platform will soon collapse, investors will also be lose everything. No wonder some people say, O2O is a pit, pit investors while also allowing the entire electricity supplier in the field has been said to be a liar, no investor and then put his head into the short circuit of the industry.

capital will not favor the electricity supplier? In fact, only more money to B2B. Compared to the large area of O2O wither, larger body size, running more stable B2B electricity supplier is attracting more attention.

B2B hot this year is not without reason, as the upstream of B2C and O2O, B2B have a more broad market space and steady growth.

B2B electricity supplier market trading scale eye-catching performance, many investment community is also very optimistic about it. IDG Xiong Xiaoge believes that the next generation of BAT will be produced in the field of B2B, BAT on the future B2B industry giant in the. Chinese left Lingye Jingwei said B2B has ranked in the top three domestic VC investment, the northern lights Zhang Peng believes that the mobile Internet has brought new opportunities for B2B, and kilometer network that Shi Zhengchuan B2B will become the future business Chinese new concern.

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