How to avoid risk of fast food

catering industry has been a rewarding and attracted many entrepreneurs to join in, but many people are to follow suit, this choice is blind. The investment in the food and beverage industry has a lot of risk, the following analysis will be faced with some of the risks.

1: brand risk. Fast food entrepreneurs face the biggest choice is to create their own brand or join. The author believes that the creation of the brand will be the biggest risk point. Data statistics, through the establishment of the brand, to attract customers in the throes of the impact of the failure rate of up to 80% of their own brands, and the probability of failure to join the brand is only about $10%. Break the risk point: join a mature brand. First of all, to join the brand with the background and advertising effect for the restaurant to bring the first batch of tourists, effectively driving the business started. Secondly, to provide; mode and operation of the unified plan, from site selection, product, management, service operations, third, scientific orientation to Everything is contained therein.; big data research as the foundation, to lower the investment risk to mature brand.

risk 2: open a what type of fast food shops. As mentioned earlier, fast food industry is experiencing a new pattern of formation. Hot pot shops, bars and other traditional restaurants into relatively large, difficult to enter the competition, keen, difficulty of high profit and low success rate, shop. The risk of breaking point: to rally more significantly with brute courage, character of the wise. The general trend of China today, it is the opportunity to bring the rise of the middle class, that is, fast food become homeopathy preferred

steady alert "super return" investors have failed to trap, they have one thing in common, is the manufacturer "super return" propaganda lure, no in-depth investigation whether the project is sustainable.

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