How to increase the operating profit of fast food restaurant

No matter what

do business, tried to maximize their profits this is the nature of the business location. Take the restaurant industry this big, with the influence of Western fast food, the increasing demand for fast-food market is the largest open, fast food stores became the best choice of entrepreneurship, some Chinese fast food stores have also appeared. Now more and more people to open fast food stores, the team is also growing, what will be the problem of fast food stores continue to rise profits know-how, from the following points:

1. fast food franchise variety selection:

variety selection is an important part of fast food business, to a certain extent, it decides the success or failure of fast food franchise. Convenient food, such as meals and / or Rice noodles – noodles, the customer into the future can be quickly produced, and the noodles can be produced in batches well in advance, a customer to immediately on the table. This means that customers can quickly eat without waiting, but also improve the utilization rate of fast food stores table, the objective to increase the restaurant’s turnover. But note that any fast food franchise business varieties are not too complex, or both will make your fast food franchise is no characteristics, but also virtually increased the workload of the kitchen and make the fast-food stores become difficult to operate.

2. fast food store location and location:

fast food has always been convenient, inexpensive, as the main characteristics of the public as the main object of service, so the positioning of any Chinese fast food must be popular, medium and low. High grade fast food rich people do not come to eat, the poor can not afford to eat, that is, people often say, "high, not low". Fast food store location should be chosen in the factories, office buildings, bustling commercial district and school near the working class or student concentrated, and the station, wharf, traffic flow of the local population, so as to ensure that there is sufficient source.

3. fast food franchise size and decoration:

because of Chinese fast food is still in its infancy, so the size of the Chinese fast food franchise is not large. In general, a fast-food franchise shop – not including the kitchen – area reached 30 square meters business, shop area of 60 square meters is regarded as medium scale fast food stores, and stores in the area of 100 square meters even larger fast food stores. Fast food franchise has two advantages, one can save the initial investment in the shop,

fast food is a kind of modern management mode, stress is convenient, simple style, bright color, give customers a feeling of ease and pleasure, fast food franchise store profits rising trick lies in this, there is no problem in this hot points.


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