Top 10 tips to help improve the floor paint brand

into the text before the first mention of a question, the content of the enterprise web page is written to whom?

I have served as curator

SEO website in a well-known Dalian floor paint enterprises, the original floor paint enterprise website optimization team after several brainstorming meeting, determine a scheme about optimizing the site floor paint enterprise overall policy is: & quot; original content + humane chain correlation between " + industry chain;. However, at that time, we are not the same as the degree of awareness of SEO, resulting in the original ideas about the content of the enterprise website, the views can not be unified. At that time, the most controversial topic is: "what is the content of our web site for whom to read?"

I found a lot of domestic web site designers are still stuck in the first generation of Web site construction thinking, that the content of the site is just to the user, in fact, this thinking is outdated. The third generation of SEO site construction thought is clearly reflected in: website content, not only to the user, but also to search engines, such as Baidu, Google, Bing, YAHOO.

In the thought of third generation website SEO

, web content writing skills to pay attention to, you have to clear the floor paint enterprise web content which is addressed to the user? What is the search engine to see? If you want to succeed in the content of the website optimization, website content must be pre planned with distribution today, dear friends and share these 10 considerations, the reason is that this Dalian floor paint company product visibility has improved.

web content for search engines to see, I do so:

first, determine the keywords of the page, and then frequently appear in the article. For example about the "Dalian floor paint which is good", not in "blending" Dalian floor paint who "or" Dalian floor paint which bar "word, and should put these words are written as" Dalian floor paint which is good". If you are careful, you will find the key words of our enterprise website – Dalian floor paint in this area is never careless.

second, the web site of any article page keywords to keep in less than 3, around the key words to expand the content of the article.

third, keywords appear in the web page Title title, meta keywords keyword and meta Description web page description tag. Very important!!!

fourth, key words to highlight. Keywords added to the bold, italic, or add H1 tags. Important! Website of the Dalian Dalian floor paint floor paint all the stations are in bold style vocabulary processing.

fifth, the appropriate time, put some key words to the authority of the professional site chain. For example, your web page about the content of the floor paint, then paint the floor as a link anchor text links

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