Facebook announced $16 billion acquisition of WhatsApp

February 20th foreign media reports, social giant Facebook announced that the company will be $16 billion in cash and stock acquisition of mobile IM application WhatsApp, the two sides have signed a merger agreement.

this transaction has been confirmed by the Facebook to the SEC submitted documents. Documents show that a total of $16 billion acquisition includes $4 billion in cash, plus a class of one hundred and eighty million shares of tradable shares. According to February 18th Facebook closing price of $65.265 to calculate these shares worth about $12 billion.

Facebook with $16 billion in cash and stock acquisition of all assets of WhatsApp, after the completion of the acquisition of the original WhatsApp employees will be issued a total of more than $3 billion in restricted stock benefits.

WhatsApp in most parts of the world in the app store is the first free application list, but also a direct competitor of social giant Facebook. Last month, WhatsApp released its monthly active users of more than 430 million people, is the world’s most famous mobile communications applications in addition to WeChat. The monthly active users of the Facebook site more than 1 billion 200 million people, of which more than 900 million mobile platform monthly active users. After the completion of the acquisition, Facebook will eliminate an important competitor, once again consolidate the status of social networking king. Text / fly

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