Poor how to do network marketing

must do the webmaster, early will encounter financial problems, it may wish to define yourself as a "poor", make full use of all available free resources to do network marketing, like the home economy, however, businesses will find ways, let you in the house, still have to buy its products, the so-called God, give you turn off a door, he will open another window for you, in the case of insufficient funds, we have to open up, how to use free resources, to see whether it will also achieve the effect of network marketing.

first through the data analysis, broad road in front of us.

1) according to incomplete statistics, the number of Internet users worldwide is about 772 million, while the number of Internet users China is close to 350 million, there is no denying that it is an advantage to a huge population, but the number 26% to occupy a large domestic population of about Chinese, sustainable development in every half year growth rate of 40 million, the world’s greatest advantage and a huge market, still we will see the network marketing in Chinese become more and more broad future,

2) the number of domestic sites is about 3 million or so, the domestic 42 million small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for about 99.8% of the total number of domestic enterprises, is the domestic enterprises to take the network marketing route enterprises accounted for only 7%, compared with the average of 70% in developed countries, the gap is about 10 times, so we say that the development of space the electronic commerce is huge.

3) another point worth noting that by the end of 09 years at the end of June, Chinese network reached 63 million passengers, only accounted for 18% of Internet users, the total population of 4.6%

4) taobao.com is prevailing and prosperous, but also reflects a large network marketing mode of development, the B2C mall has reached 182.5, more than ten thousand, of course this is just a statistic for 09 years at the end of March,

5) just as a representative of the Alibaba B2B e-commerce website, the business has reached more than 5100, which is 09 years at the end of March, under the terms of China top ten websites (based on the ALEXA rankings), the top ten are: Alibaba, HC, China manufacturing network, Dunhuang network. Bokee, China supply network, business network, China network library, China chemical network, mainone network; in the domestic blog website is ranked ninth on the website,

I think these data, we should make a good understanding of network marketing of the huge potential market and development momentum, but want to say is, do a lot of veteran Internet marketing knows, really you do a period of time when the network marketing, you will find that really can use the network marketing means is a simple 2 – 5, but a lot of people will enter a misunderstanding, think the method is varied, even hundreds of methods, make oneself have a big head, in fact, not all of them are three.

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