How individual developers make money three analyze the market, study the user, design the product

introduction before two, that is to change the idea, and then analyze the situation, engage in private products, and products of data analysis, and finally to seek a small profit. Attention to the account of the user, many of which are just entering the industry developers or lack of experience, so this little rabbit teach you how to do a more promising products, and then pushed to the market. There are users in order to make money.

good friends!! don’t sleep, wake up! Get down!

, a market research, planning and then moving


market is like battlefield, marching by "the enemy", to engage in personal development as well. Many developers have a misunderstanding, is the first product, then extended to find the user, it is completely mistaken! There is a misunderstanding is that individual developers will think powerful products to market, competitive ability. Why do you want to launch the product to find users not in this way? Because your product function is not necessarily solve the needs of users, or the product market you have, they do well and accumulate some users. So, we have to study the market!

There are three simple


(1), existing market. (2) market segmentation. (3) new market.

existing market: that is, you want to do the product, the current market, there are a lot of similar products, which is a serious homogenization, such as readers.

market segments: Hey, a specific field, the product is relatively small, such as children listen to stories.

new market: ah ~ no one has ever done, you are the first to eat crabs, such as Nora video sharing as fast as TXT sharing, yellow novels to share more.

for the first class market, if we want to do the corresponding software, must make function better than they have more advantages than existing products, such as the reader can turn words into audio, a TXT, just click the convert directly into MP3, and then use the fix! Listen to the broadcast; and market segments that must be done deeper in a particular field, you are the expert in the field of small, children to listen to stories of this kind of application interaction as simple as possible, warm, as long as the child will be able to press a play, and focusing on the content of bedtime stories; while the new market, you need to explore whether users together are not clear, risk very high, but if they can be made, is also the largest market.

must first analyze the field you want to enter, and then take a look at their strengths in the product, otherwise the probability of success is not high.

to do the product before the market to search the relevant products to see if there is, if there is an analysis of them, they can do better than they do, the advantage is there. If you do not have this kind of product, you can study the user group.

two, research users, looking for pain points

if already dimension

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