Google can get rid of path dependence, not only to do an advertising company

advertising ceiling approaching, it is time for Google to change the

Google the biggest news in 2015 is that it’s not Google.

August 11, 2015, Google founder Larry · (Larry Page) announced that Google turned into Alphabet, and Google became its subsidiary.

this sudden reorganization, is the founder of Larry page and Sergio · · Sergey has been considered for a long time, Alphabet of the different business are split out, for example, the birth of intelligent Home Furnishing Nest Googel X Googel Glass laboratory are now independent of the company, the company CEO who has absolute independence and autonomy.

in addition to the well-known Google company (search, Android system, YouTube and other Internet services), as well as its parallel investment company of longevity medicine company Calico, Google Venture (now renamed GV), Google Capital, and Energy, network services company Access medical technology company Life Sciences (now renamed Verily).

But in addition to

name, Alphabet, compared to the original Google has not changed: what power is still the two Google founder and former CEO Eric · Schmidt, March in a financial report to January 2016 will be the disclosure of income of subsidiaries.

at least, Alphabet is now an advertising company, and its growth is approaching the ceiling

and Google parallel regardless of how many subsidiaries, advertising revenue is still the main source of support Alphabet operations. Over the past four quarters, a total of $Alphabet advertising for $64 billion 462 million, close to the total revenue of $90%.


Google advertising revenue accounted for about 90% of these two years, the proportion of income from the source to find it has not changed how far

this year, Google’s advertising revenue is still maintained two digit growth. From the figure, Google’s advertising business is still strong.

but the impact of the impact of Google search advertising on Internet users is shifting from the computer to mobile. The most direct manifestation is

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