WeChat how to rely on test questions grow fans

we know, for WeChat, we want to grow fans is more difficult. Although there are many ways to promote the current, but not to say that each one is suitable for us. For everyone, we promote the different ways, some may be good at QQ promotion, and some are good at post forum promotion. But now we see the most is to do test questions.

is not to say that all people are love tests, such as you do for women, and the age of 80, so do the test is of little significance for us, these people’s participation is not high enough.

so we in addition to their own WeChat public number inside to do some test questions, we have what promotion channels?

first: QQ

for us, the spread of QQ power is large enough, but also a lot of user groups, then we do QQ promotion has the following points:

1.QQ group

we need to locate the micro signal when we find the QQ group, for example, our WeChat flagship comedy content like, then we can go to the funny, like the QQ group to promote, we just need to find this funny keywords in the QQ, then there will be a lot of related groups, we only need to test questions for us the pattern is uploaded to the group of the album, so it can increase the exposure rate.

2.QQ space

QQ space, this is the need of our popular space which is conducive to our promotion, if we are a common space popular hundreds, it is impossible to achieve the desired effect, may pay attention to people only a few people, so I need to do is get the popular space to help we extended our promotion is the main test with our micro signal and two-dimensional code, in this promotion is when we need to get our first set up the automatic reply, after our fans into our public number, you can reply related keywords to quickly obtain test questions answer.

3.QQ mass


QQ group is more convenient for us, this is all rely on our software to do, this is the most difficult, we will be restricted, will often appear verification code, all of these can rely on software to complete the. We need to choose the mass of people is 18 years old but to people is what we need, so people can we turn our attention to the proportion will be higher. We can not only send our QQ, but also can be QQ space or message, drift bottles, etc.. Before we have done is to rely on our drifting bottle to do, so that the spread of more, but the people who really come to focus on us is a very small part.

One of the drawbacks of

is that if we rely on our software to do so,

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