ndependent shop Sandoval supply distribution gradually sought

under the international financial crisis, enterprises rely on electronic commerce to get out of the dilemma, has created a miracle, set off a boom in e-commerce, e-commerce in domestic enterprises, e-commerce pattern has undergone tremendous changes.

third party platform survival crisis appears

as everyone knows, since the emergence of the Alibaba ten years ago, the third party e-commerce platform has been occupying the leading position of e-commerce, has become the mainstream form of domestic e-commerce in the third party platform built. Ali group’s taobao.com is undoubtedly the most current domestic development of the third party e-commerce platform is mature, the largest, by faith self-examination system caused Taobao "closed shop door" was recently intensified, blocked between a large number of reputable shops suspected of speculation overnight, including dozens of crown credibility shop, following another wave of interest is not, and recently appeared "change bad family, let many of the headaches, anxiety. From this year first network business fair Ma to "fake" sellers, issued a warning to "brush credit" seller’s big punishment, many sellers have felt in Taobao’s survival crisis, restricting the third party platform brings to the development of the shop is more and more prominent, gradually rising costs, competition the increasingly fierce, profit margins have shrunk dramatically this is an indisputable fact. More shopkeepers revealed two years earlier in Taobao can have 40% – 50% of the profits, and now only about 10% of the profits, not as good as before. The former network operators to paradise is now became their sad place.

independent shop quietly become the new darling of

in recent years, careful friends can be found, more and more enterprises set up their own online store, attached to the trading platform of the owner, especially Taobao crown class shops have opened their own independent shop, the business platform from the store gradually transferred to their own independent shop, in addition to alleviate the crisis of survival, the more important point is that with the development of business, expanding channels, supply distribution is a must, but open the shop Taobao, pat on the platform is carried out in the distribution channels, expand is a little out of heart, although Taobao considering the network distribution trend of launch the distribution platform, but because of the single mode, can not meet the business needs, independent shop in this area is more flexible.

Hishop agent

Changsha maritime network to supply independent research and development of online distribution system as an example, using the system to build a good network shop, can according to their own situation by sourcing agent (a ship), shop wholesale, franchise development mode of distribution channels, the agent (or channel) level set give different grades different preferential prices, in order to cultivate high quality agents, but also opened a proxy site, the content is consistent with the master station of goods, merchandise information data synchronization, agents need not spend energy to maintain the goods data, while Taobao distribution platform, as the distributor must first go to the agent of commodity goods Curitiba download over then in this manual shelves, >