Electricity supplier injury – traditional enterprise T technology upgrades

If other people are using

mobile phone in your pager, you will not feel unhappy?

if all of you are using 3G to surf the Internet, you’re still on the 2 network, do you think you’re not in the same boat?

as above two kinds of feeling, nearly ten years of traditional enterprises are not constantly changing the enterprise IT system, it in the operation of the enterprise is more and more important, involving:

1, logistics (WMS) information system (OA) financial system (FMS) supply chain system (SCM) human resource management customer relationship management crm

2 and B2C for traditional enterprises to provide a variety of cloud services, Alibaba, Jingdong, poly spire Genting Amazon AWS,

do not forget ISV (Independent Software Vendors) so on,,,,,,,


3, of course, there are a variety of API, logistics, maps, finance, inventory integration,,,

do not need to do a B2C official website, app, 020 and a series of projects

, of course, WeChat, micro-blog, subscription number, service number of various development;

domestic enterprises to upgrade the technology is relatively late, the enthusiasm for the transformation of it is not very large, many companies are still using the free OA, financial software, for millions of ERP at a relatively cold;

so how to solve the traditional enterprise it problem:

no nonsense on dry cargo;

it for the man idea in traditional enterprise boss is more difficult to understand, because of their new-new generation;

1, 90% Indoorsman they are not good at communication (good communication and well written code is definitely a rare animal)

2, they have their own logical thinking and view of the world, if you are Jobs, he worked without pay, if you do not understand people’s business and work style, give you much money they are about


3, technical men’s character is straight, the sense of participation, sense of success, it is best to Geek;

4, these people love freedom, freedom you know is in the morning without punch, lounge all kinds of free food and drink, only give them freedom will have good products;

5, the industry is relatively scarce talent, all companies are robbing people, so they do not worry about not working;

traditional enterprise culture as well as the gene itself is not compatible with the technical men, traditional enterprises need more strict management, need to clear obedience and respect for leadership (note to ah), wearing slippers can not work ha;


a lot of traditional enterprises are dead on the technology;


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