Network marketing center webmaster essential (below)

eleventh, in the popular log, blog post comments, messages can leave their own promotional words is very good. For example: virtual host 100M18 yuan / year; 200M28 yuan / year; QQ:97174701, like this brief also clear.

twelfth, the video site is very hot, why don’t we get through the video messages and comments to leave your message, so that those watching video can see our products information.

thirteenth, in the registration forum, blog, open shop before, I have a special product of their own advertising, so that customers see my picture will know what I do, how to contact me.

fourteenth, if you write a good article, it is recommended to thank their products more than the soft, if they do not write can also ask people to write, and now do more than the price is also very affordable. You can go to Baidu search: through easy Internet space business, a new era of virtual host partner that was written, a lot of friends reproduced.

fifteenth, I had to do the first time online marketing methods are: one on the release of QQ, Taobao information, as well as mass information, but also can be. Because it is very simple, so it has been released in the beginning of the past six months. Oh, the effect can also oh. Oh, but to endure scolded oh.

sixteenth, before I say this you need to have enough psychological preparation, oh, is the gift of free stuff to your intention to attract them to buy your product oh. When I was a virtual host began to spend money to buy a virtual host presented to my customers, put my ad on the virtual host, and many customers will come from such an ad to buy my virtual host. Ha-ha。

seventeenth, through the intermediary can get a single oh. Before doing a virtual host when I met a member of Alibaba’s friends, he always sent me some information to buy a virtual host, I have talked about a few pens, it is very grateful. Ha ha, then he did not do a membership, and I went to the pig eight intermediary companies to find information. There is only a certain degree of competitiveness, because more than one person and you contact the buyer.

eighteenth, I was selling through the Internet virtual hosting, so often and make friends to talk about some good relations, something all right I will take the initiative to greet them at the same time, I have to do when station customers will also introduce to them. And then they always contact me. This is the so-called mutual benefit, ha ha.

nineteenth, and friends to exchange friendship connection is also possible. Before and many friends site exchange links. Also bring a lot of traffic and customers.

twentieth, I put forward the first nineteen marketing models can be free Oh, if you feel that these effects are not up to what you want, then do more effective promotion, for example: 100

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