List of local website publicity expenses

This year,

made a new local website Kak network, now my expenses in the propaganda to give us a quote, perhaps to help:

1, design LOGO cost of 107 yuan

I was released in eight pig Street tasks, direct task offers 107 yuan. This is the first release of the task, there will be a future to do LOGO, if your heart is affordable price of 200 yuan, it is recommended to press the first release of 100 yuan, so that perhaps $100 can be solved. If 100 is not satisfied with the increase of the price, the time is the same as the two.

2, printing business card cost of $150 (to bring someone back to eat a meal and I spent $80)

I produced a total of 50 boxes of business cards, is the kind of street, paper is also the most used. However, in the street do not need too good business card paper. I want to print in front of Taobao, because at that time I contacted a family, it seems that Guangzhou’s 2.2 yuan per box, but almost all of the 50 boxes of cards, so it is not appropriate. Later, I contacted the land, the result is almost the same paper is 8 yuan a box, which is often by the unit and this business, so give me a discount. Then I contacted the Urumqi, is now 3 yuan a box. And find someone to bring it back.

3, printing stickers cost $1600

In fact,

can also be printed self-adhesive labels. It seems that 5*10 is such a specification, forget, each is more than 3 points. Later, I was talking about the entire A4 printing, in Hefei on the Internet to talk about a Anhui Taobao, each is 6 cents. I’m going to print 10 thousand copies. And business cards, if printed, it is too heavy, so India is the best of these things in the same province, so far away, out of the shipping costs. Then I contacted the Urumqi, is 8 cents a piece, of course not India so much, only printed 2000 copies. I put a A4 into eight, ha ha, good effect.

4, the production of banners costs $120

ha ha, this is only done locally. It’s the kind of outdoor. It’s a word that’s sprayed, not a word. Don’t know if it is 10 yuan a metre, bargain at most eight yuan. I got a meeting. Is five yuan a meter, I designed under, do is a banner of two meters. Made 12.

5, labor costs $300

Kak network is my personal website. I don’t have a team at the moment, I’m alone. So many business cards, so many things to be posted. If a person I posted, exhausted. I went directly to the labor market to find two Palestinian Lang Son, help me to send. Just looking for today. Okay, business cards and stickers all finished. If I hide the things that do not, or ruined, a penny will not give. I’ll have to go tomorrow. Follow them. All the main streets.

remember, this banner is done

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