Entrepreneurial pain but eventually All sufferings have their reward.

entrepreneurship is a very painful thing, and entrepreneurs will not be quiet. The more great entrepreneurial ideas will bring more lingering pain, let entrepreneurs sleep at night. Generally speaking, from the early start of the capital allocation and scheduling, talent recruitment, marketing strategy, management skills, the market trend changes, and competition and coping strategies, are likely to lead to business failure.

not all entrepreneurs are able to easily start to get rich, in the process of entrepreneurship to bear in mind these points, you can make the process of entrepreneurship with half the effort.

luck mentality

entrepreneurs blocking the door of investors, investors to send Email, investors believe that the investment will see the mail. In fact, it is not so simple, investors every day to see hundreds of business plans, and then screening and in-depth investigation, it is impossible for you to win.

brain shoot ideas

do not think that the brain will come up with ideas to get investment, good ideas are worthless.

think the problem has no depth

entrepreneurs are very impetuous, there is a point of view, immediately write a business plan, looking for investment, but met, a few questions down, entrepreneurs have been asked down.

stacked business model

some entrepreneurs love to a series of "popular business model elements stacked, but in fact it makes investors very sick.

a lot of entrepreneurs because more impatient, so do not stop filling to do well in the station content, but wanted to do traffic. This will lead to the content of the station is not high quality of the situation, there is no absolute high quality content, its development prospects are limited, this approach is not long-term.

Shanghai expert

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