Product manager, do you know how to find a market entry point

entry point: popular point, is a breakthrough, that is, to solve a problem should be the first place to start.

looking for market entry point, mainly from the market analysis and product positioning two aspects:


followed by an example of how to find the market entry point, select the object: Penguin FM.

1 market analysis

market analysis can be: SWOT analysis, value curve analysis and related market analysis to understand the market situation in three areas.

1) SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis method is used to determine the competitive advantage and disadvantage, opportunity and threat, which will be a scientific analyzing method and strategy of company’s internal resources and external environment organically. – Baidu Encyclopedia

, where S (Strengths) is dominant, W (Weaknesses) is a disadvantage, O (Opportunities) is a chance that T (Threats) is a threat.


2) value curve analysis

value curve analysis: it is a means to help you quickly and comprehensively understand the characteristics and distribution of functions of competitors.

popular point is the list of products for each function, then the function point of each product scoring, finally put these points into a line, while observing the fluctuation analysis of each product, the best and worst function, so you can understand how the performance of this product, and all products taken together, the whole market can be seen above what part is doing relatively weak, they still have a chance.

value curve analysis, in scoring, is a subjective behavior. It is based on your own understanding of the product and feelings to score, each person’s score is not the same. From the value curve, it is necessary to analyze what competitors must always pay attention to, what features are very characteristic, and the future direction and trends.

If the

is particularly strong in some aspects of some of its products do, but basically is particularly strong in some traditional functions, such as in large capacity, such as list to do very well, other new features are relatively poor, but also particularly large volume users, it is a traditional product, we should from these products to attract users to start.

: for example, the ordinate represents the score, assuming the full score is 5 points; the abscissa represents the function point associated with the audio.


can be seen from the above analysis (Koala FM, litchi FM is not specifically listed):

A. Penguin

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