6 years of industrial fission, Wanda cut fuse it


2014, China real estate is to bid farewell to the "10 years", and Wanda seems will usher in the best time, it will soon become the capital market is a big story, the key moment it can remove the shackles.

This print journalist Huang Qiuli

_ _ editor Wu Jinyong

I am in an unprecedented mood today, very happy, my family and I came to Kunming to participate in the opening of 100th Wanda plaza." Speaking of this, Wang Jianlin took a look at the audience. His wife, Lin Ning, is much better than his oldest son, Wang Sicong.

October 30th, the day before the opening of Kunming Xishan Wanda Plaza, Wang Jianlin and his family came to Kunming on a private plane.

More than 10 foreign guests on the

platform is very conspicuous, they are Wanda important suppliers or partners, both Yum and other well-known multinational companies Chinese CEO, it was also responsible for the United States, Huarun vanguard, Hasen shoes and other domestic brands of chain enterprises.


100 is not only the size and speed, but also means that a mature brand, "said Wang Jianlin, now many city Chinese can see Wanda Plaza, he hopes to be able to see in the world can," my lifelong dream is to make Wanda brand to the world." Since 2012, in addition to acquisitions, the British Sunseeker yacht company AMC second yard line, Wanda real estate projects have landed in New York, London, Madrid, etc..

2014, China’s real estate industry is bid farewell to the golden 10 years, while Wanda seems to usher in the best time. It will become the world’s largest commercial real estate company, the commercial real estate sector is the Hong Kong Stock Exchange seek listing, capital problems for years is expected to be smoothly done or easily solved. It is the world’s largest cinema company, Wanda cinema is the domestic A shares listed on the queue. In addition, it is in the consumer, tourism, cultural industries in the field of assets has been amazing, Wanda, Wanda Baby King, big star KTV and other brands are rising. Then use the real estate to define Wanda is not appropriate, that had built the house Wanda, has become a house and do not do the content industry wanda. According to the prospectus published Wanda, Wanda’s market value or will reach $60 billion, equivalent to 3 vanke.

in 2009, Wanda is far from the most concerned about the real estate business. 2007 listing of country garden, Hengda listed in 2009, because of the China rewrite the richest man in the records of the overnight explosion of red, they are residential development company has 100 million square metres of massive land reserve. Wanda Plaza in 2008 only 11 stores, and by the end of 2014 the number of Wanda Plaza will grow by more than 10 times more than 6 years ago. 6 years, Wanda Plaza occupies the core of China’s 123 tier cities, and is about to become the world’s largest in the first half of 2015

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