Tmall China Mobile 2016 brothers to go to war

mobile phone has been the major Internet companies saw industry, but are not successful, now a Ali has opened a new battlefield.

previously, Tmall mobile phone in the micro-blog general manager Pan Zhiyong said, "Tmall reached a strategic cooperation with China Mobile in 2016, we are brother to go to a


yesterday, Pan Zhiyong not only for the first time to the daily economic news reporter confirmed the depth of cooperation with the move, and said it would cooperate with the operators in three areas, namely, the terminal, the pipeline and the cloud". He believes that the general terminal is the mobile phone manufacturers and sales platform, the pipeline is the operator, the cloud is the terminal Guan Daoyun, if able to combine together, must be very strong, will constitute a spindle."


cooperation in three areas

Pan Zhiyong said, Ali what things have, for example, a terminal, there are terminal ORS, but also the pipeline, the pipeline is Ali communications, we are in the very deep cooperation with each other. As a cloud, there are also a variety of Ali cloud services, including our own, if you can combine these good integration, it can give users, including consumers to bring a very good experience."

Pan Zhiyong said, there are a lot of cooperation with operators, mainly reflected in the following aspects: first, with the operators in the joint production and marketing aspects of cooperation, because the operator terminal company annual transaction size in 50 billion ~1000 billion, and their cooperation will reduce the cost, then give the profits to the user; secondly, now all enterprises do contract machine is relatively small, because the more complex. Tmall is a platform to bring the best products and the best policy in the provinces.

, in fact, the entire mobile phone market subsidies are very high, if you can put the contract machine up, consumers are also better convenience. For example, the time to buy a contract machine to spend at least 40~50 minutes, does not include the cost of line traffic, so it is more convenient to move online. The same is Apple’s mobile phone, online to do under the line can be shipped. Again, with the contract machine policy, Tmall can better cooperate with them on the channel." Pan Zhiyong said.

Pan Zhiyong pointed out that this year, Tmall’s core strategy is called "enabling businesses", the aim of this strategy is to let Tmall business platform on their products and services do better, this is the core of the cooperation with each other. If you can do this, then, regardless of the original is the traditional line, or the line, or the operator, it is good service, cooperation can certainly do a good job.

it is worth noting that Tmall and mobile cooperation is not exclusive, Tmall can continue to choose to cooperate with other operators.

at the same time, Tencent and China Unicom cooperation is further deepening. Unicom had said that the cooperation between the two sides has been from the first level earlier (buy each product), up to second levels (customer and channel leveraging each other "

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