How to deal with the customers do not understand Shanghai Dragon

has some of Shanghai Longfeng unsuspectingly customers may sometimes be very enthusiastic to see some information on the Internet in Shanghai dragon. Unfortunately, they may see many good suggestions, and these may affect you to take unwise strategy of Shanghai dragon. Remember, they hire you, because they need your expertise. Never let your customers force you to take a bad idea. If you let them take the wrong tactics, so they will not hire you in. But your reputation is also very influential.

make sure you have frequent contact with your customers. If they don’t know what you are worth doing, then you must they often remind your hard work. Don’t just provide monthly reports a number, you should provide information weekly. Spend more time to meet with them, and make sure that they know your work process. In this paper.

3: your customers are not always on

2: not too basic or too complex did not give the customer related information

you can feel that people who do not understand the whirling like "algorithm", but you must let them feel your passion. You make your customers feel your passion, don’t just send a formal message boring. Pick up your phone, communicate your excitement. Enthusiasm is contagious, if you can relate to your customers, then customers will be more interested in your Shanghai Phoenix project.

when you meet a completely do not understand Shanghai dragon people, you may feel very frustrated. But you have to pay attention to your mood, don’t let your customers feel that you are very impatient. Or you might feel from the tone to you on their perfunctory and ridicule.

When the

of Shanghai Longfeng and completely do not understand Shanghai dragon when dealing with people, obviously you can’t put your work in Shanghai Longfeng deep to your customers report. But don’t ignore a simple fact that when your customers need to know when to micro information, you need to give your customers, even if the information is very basic. On the other hand, not because the information to your customers he is complex, customers miss this important information. If you don’t give your client information, your customers may feel you are lying to them.

5: to maintain the patency of the contact

often have a lot of Shanghai Longfeng experts need not understand Shanghai Longfeng with some people in this industry or agency meeting. This is a challenge for many Shanghai dragon Er, because in the absence of communication and understanding to a certain extent, Shanghai dragon Er is easy to appear distant and customer relationship. The Shanghai dragon consultant for three years, here are a few ways you need to pay attention to dealing with the customers do not understand Shanghai dragon.

4: show your enthusiasm

: the 1 tone

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