3W page contains no 3W without page how to break

after the last time I wrote "the website revision measures for the three step" articles, the author want to do another to share with you the results, this is also the author after several months have a good trend.

this situation mostly occurred in the new online website, we all know that new sites of low weight, two names "in the same domain with 3W weight in the short term is difficult to go beyond the domain name weight without 3W, so don’t take the 3W page is included to love Shanghai, natural the 3W page is not easy to be included.

as a webmaster you will pay attention to the website daily pages indexed, but do not know to have a look to the site is included in the page is with 3W based, or 3W without

Figure 1

1. do 301 jump set, the domain name jump without 3W to the 3W page, tell the search engines, this website with 3W page as the home page.

is encountered such a situation, a web page without 3W page was collected, and 3W had not been included, resulting in the ranking of words is mainly without 3W.


for new sites generally do not recommend two domain names are analyzed, the best is after the 3W website weight stable, in this way, analysis of opening, can well avoid the above situation.

so, for a hand, has analyzed the situation of domain names, how to handle in order to minimize the damage of

2. adhere to the high quality of the chain with the quality of the article, to the construction site, the weight of


but in fact, contrary to what we think of it, XXX贵族宝贝 is the main domain name real, and WWW.XXX贵族宝贝 is a XXX贵族宝贝 two domain, is only a special two level domain name. In addition, not 3W. Born with 3W. The weight ratio to be high, love Shanghai nature is first recorded without a 3W page.

lifting WWW.XXX贵族宝贝 domain

one thing to note here is that the 301 jump and canon>

actually, we have a big misunderstanding on the website domain name, we have always thought that WWW.XXX贵族宝贝 is the main domain name, is the official web site, we take WWW (hereafter referred to as 3W) or without 3W website only feeling is the biggest difference in input website more or less character input.

after analysis found that the client site has another name in history for a long time, the weight is high, included a good web site in the optimization, and the new site in the production of no in a timely manner after the completion of the corresponding processing, various factors together, resulting in 3W without the right of domain name domain name with 3W weight ratio is higher then, this happens, as shown in Figure 1:

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