Shanghai Longfeng Optimization 5 to improve the search engine ranking method

website is a process of manufacturing chain, the same is a time-consuming process, but it is absolutely necessary. The number of inbound links is important, but the quality of the chain link is more important. You need to ensure that there is a high correlation between the link on the website and your website. Dofollow search engine weighs more than nofollow links, but they can help achieve traffic.

4, reducing the page load time

1, view the keyword density

keyword density is the number compared with the general page keywords are used on the web. When you publish your website, ensure the content not keyword density of more than 15%, because it is generally recommended the highest standards of keyword density. If you overuse keywords, it actually will damage your website ranking, and not as imagined as long as you can stack keywords.


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sometimes bold new Adsense their headlines, and increase their size, so the website users will pay attention to them, it is very common. However, there is a better way, make your headlines, titles and subtitles for visitors to your web site visible. It is the use of headers.

3, on your page 2, the establishment of related links

if your site loading speed is very slow, this is likely to cause the viewer to leave before they need to find the content on your site. You may think that the use of a large number of images on your website, video and Flash, it can help the interesting and attractive. However, all of these can greatly reduce your site loading speed. You should take this into consideration, and try to avoid using too much drag the image and video of your website loading speed.

method to copy and paste the contents of the most simple to update your website. However, it is bad practice, will end up hurting your website. If your website has a duplicate content too much, they will be punished, in the search engine ranking fell.

, a website search engine optimization, is a time-consuming work, but it is definitely worth it, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing what can bring great benefits. Here are 5 search engine optimization techniques can help improve your search engine ranking.

Relationship between

5, write their own original content

The use of

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