The current search engine features

The first Google Product Manager Meijer

love Shanghai to improve the structured data constantly to meet the intimate search.

and intelligent


pictures, audio and video content search. In the search results to the content, is very diverse, with illustrations, the latest news, micro-blog information, light application, intimate search, in the "2013 love Shanghai" advanced search results we mentioned.

speed is now all search engines are trying to achieve the goal. Fast refers not only to the search engine results faster, more refers to the search engine to get new information faster now blog, forums and websites have become the most important source of information, generally what great news, love Shanghai to direct fast.

personal media platform, real-time search engine is increasing, the love of Shanghai also launched a real-time search on micro-blog search method: input 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s browser? Rtt=2& tn=baiduwb& wd= key characteristics of real-time search of the most prominent is the timeliness strong, more and more unexpected events was first released on micro-blog the core, real-time search that is "fast", the user’s information for the first time to search engine. Such as keywords for search engines, results will be as follows. But now there is no love Shanghai real time search entrance obvious.

diversity mainly includes two aspects: content diversification and diversification search way.


, fast


has pointed out that the search engine still has innovation, change and great development space. Although Google future product refuses to talk about, but Meijer still suggests the future development direction of Google. She said: "we think beyond keyword search is very important, should allow the user to ask questions, in addition, the search engine may allow users to use mobile phone to access the site more convenient. We are still considering how to make full use of new media, how can the books, videos and news into the search experience. Then, will be the development of a variety of personalized search."




real time searchWith the rise of

today, Meijer for the development of search engine judgment have been achieved, with the popularization of computer and Internet application, the search is also more and more high, and the search engine is also increasingly fierce competition between, and in this period, the search engine is becoming more and more obvious characteristics:


In addition to the contents of the text but also includes

search a variety of ways: you can search by voice commands, commands and location etc..

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