From the importance of the three algorithms a brief analysis of the chain

is the hub of the meaning of the values of all link weights and pages.

For example:

Hits algorithm is proposed by Cornell University in 1997, is the analysis for a page importance algorithm. Hits algorithm has two concepts, respectively is the hub of value and authority value.

Hilltop algorithm on

TrustRank algorithm on

The correlation between For example:

Hilltop algorithm is the search engine results noble baby acquired in 2001 ranking patent engineer.


Fuqing Shanghai dragon blog website authority value is 20, said there are 20 links to become the hub value into the page.

TrustRank algorithm is the 2004 Stanford University and YAHOO joint research, which translates to trust index.

Fuqing Shanghai dragon for the search engine algorithm from no in-depth study, also do not advocate to further study. The author thinks that the general enterprise of Shanghai dragon Er only need to understand the algorithm, can be tasted.

Fuqing Shanghai dragon blog export link 20, the 20 link weights and www.fq is the Shanghai dragon.Org hub value.

very simple example is the 3 site a-b-c weight in turn from high to low, if the site is to import your a, then your relatively high authority trust value.

so we are now looking for the chain is PR high, long age and authoritative domains (such as gov), because it is an open algorithm.

has high weight website links to your website, search engine will think that your site is trustworthy. Because the search engine think good website is not bad friends.

algorithm that is the most simple link, Fuqing Shanghai dragon can be considered as a supplement for TrustRank algorithm. Just imagine, if there is no Hilltop algorithm, so if the government website is a chain and Fuqing Shanghai dragon blog, so my blog ranking > Shanghai Dragon

Fuqing Shanghai Longfeng list three famous search engine algorithms for early entry analysis, not for anything else, is to prove the chain to provide a theoretical basis for the importance of the website rankings, we hope to help.

is the meaning of all authority values into the page link weights and.

For example:

so, if a page does not only import and export link, it will lose the authority value or hub value, and the search engine ranking one of the factors is based on the combination of the two.

algorithm more attention is relatively easy to understand, the algorithm represents authority and trust.

Hits algorithm on

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