Shanghai dragon Er don’t put the chain to do an invidious

seems to understand this behavior is not difficult, despite the "lazy mindless" this kind of universal human weakness and the like is not said. Discuss the importance of "content" and "chain" in many forums, I see a lot of people are to be from hands-on experience evidence said: spend energy content of a fart, really the last win, there is strong support the chain of

my own blog do not long, but has felt that Shanghai dragon chain personnel to leave the link how to be love it. The day a "passing under the content as like as two peas", "learning", "in today’s society, how to write better articles" etc.. I don’t see it as spam, I give this message through the audit, just think, Shanghai dragon who do outside the chain, why to use this language to ten thousand years sick you hope through these sites to achieve your website optimization blogger

in the Shanghai dragon blown miraculous network era, "content is king, the chain for emperor golden laws and precious rules" is regarded as the Shanghai dragon. Especially the chain, is the first technology content is low, the chain of this work requires almost no threshold. Compared with another "content", popular in the network today, the operation will not need any substantial capacity. Even though a lot of garbage station, in dealing with the "content", they used to disrupt sentence paragraph of rough adjustment technique called "pseudo original", but there is still a "pseudo original" this step. And "the chain", "can be seen on", similar to the level of the clients in a beggar prostitute reaction.

reached the purpose of ranking in this way, undoubtedly this batch of Shanghai dragon Er >

! When

this is undoubtedly to signal a lot of Shanghai Longfeng learners clear: the first is the chain, the chain ranked first. Shanghai Longfeng, all walks of life, only the chain high. In any case, to make the chain, at any time, should the chain do


especially the promotion of enterprise website, the content source is a problem. Companies are generally not allowed to use a simple method of permutation and combination of text to add to the "original" the purpose of the article, can only make snap reckless fuck do crazy things, it seems that only an unlimited amount of added chain, to collect tens of thousands of websites, leaving the same comments on it. Of course, this review and website content without any relationship, because they have not read the article.

?In fact,

I do in "Kung Fu two: website internal resources exploitation and management" outside the chain of the personal blog mentioned, because the working relationship, I need to graduate training in Shanghai Longfeng knowledge to secondary school, and give them the opportunity to practice. Students’ knowledge level with Shanghai dragon Er are not comparable, but no contact with the Shanghai dragon, no network promotion personnel of computer related professional background, facing by Shanghai dragon to website optimization of the subject, they are almost the same starting line.

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