The hare and the tortoise spirit is applied to the website optimization world

four, making a clear and simple site map, I found that many companies do not have a web site map, site map is a catalogue of the book, let us know at a glance what are the contents of the website. Site map function is according to the website structure, content and framework, production of navigation pages, they indicate the direction for visitors, and help visitors find they want to lose.

three, handle the website code, probably in 2009 before a lot of people love to write with table code, if 2011 – do you still use table to write, it shows that you have left behind, the code size is too large is the failure of one of those, we also need to delete redundant grammar errors. We want to use DIV+CSS to write the code, this code is more concise, the volume will be reduced a lot, more standardized, to avoid a large number of fonts and formatting tags. We will use less Javascript, using Javascript technology in web page often start page and the accumulation of a large number of JAVA code, META and keyword has not appeared, pushed to the bottom of the page, the search results will not be so ideal. You can try the page will be moved to the bottom or JAVA script into a. JS file extension in the need to place calls to do.

the story that many people know, the story tells us a truth, do anything you need to maintain a steady spirit, life is so, even the website optimization ranking also need to hold the spirit. Why do some people can do some of the old Shanghai dragon ER is not very popular keywords want it? In fact they and we are all the same, they just than we pay more attention to detail, to optimize the grasp every detail, do the tortoise in the steady spirit. Master duel is often the details have not handled properly, the rabbit thought process optimization of website construction, that can stop, then once again, so that they can be rushed to the home page ranking position! What we need by website optimization


first is to choose a good domain name, simple, short, three point to choose the domain name, can also choose the right product website domain name, is now the Shanghai dragon, you can choose to take the Shanghai dragon domain, in this case, the search engine will give you a certain score ranking. Not from our own point of view to select the domain name, should think of how Internet users remember your domain name, or that you don’t love the domain name search engine.

two, the website keyword selection to select only the right, we begin to want to do, what are the key words, choose the right, do not choose the most hot, do not choose the most popular. Don’t wait for the construction site, on-line and go change keywords. Hot words, do on the first page of time will be very long, half a year, or even one or two years, and popular words, even on the home page, also take a role, not much traffic.

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