Why is the chain to the end keyword ranking is still completely indifferent

The quality of the chain, The update cycle of

6, love Shanghai. Love Shanghai generally once a month big update, general keywords are required by the big update ranking is > obvious

. Keywords the competitive decision, you do a keyword, how many people will tell you the competitive position of the home page, of course, if the home is large website column page live content page, is enough to let you spend more energy to deal with the increasingly fierce competition of keywords, the more we difficult to sit up. While popular keywords, perhaps only a few chain can do it.

is this the chain for keywords ranking, the influence factors can be divided into the following 5 factors, when we send the chain saw no keywords ranking, we can refer to the following questions, whether associated with their

4. Now the hair of the chain do not have many places, is probably the most forum and blog the chain, personally feel that the results are not what is generally more cattle X forum will never make you advertise, unless some advertising, many outside the chain have not been included in Shanghai’s love, and more how quality is zero, the efficiency is zero, send more have effect to the ranking will not.

2 of the website, the weight of 1, keywords competitive

3, the internal optimization effect. Internal optimization are not in place? What many web sites, every day no content update, just start from the chain, so the effect is certainly not so obvious, the best way is to combine inside and outside, the content and the chain construction.

The stability of

. This website weight influence keywords ranking, that is to say the same words, the weight high website may not need the chain can easily go up, but not the weight of the website, perhaps only through the chain to make it produce rapid accumulation ranking, of course, right down the site need to spend time and energy even more, the chain of hair are more clouds, only can let the site back then there is the hope of weight.

5, the chain. The stability of the chain on posts can keep long time, can keep the best, when the hair is removed, certainly can not bring effect, and when a published account of too much to be deleted, impact on the site is very large, perhaps because of the chain loss rate is too high and cause site drop right.

Hello, first to the side, feeling a bit difficult for you today that is outside the chain. Good for the chain are mostly friends, outside the chain of resources has become an indispensable factor in the website optimization competition, in the short term to let alone ranking keyword generation station optimization is unlikely to produce the effect, especially some competitive keywords, want to sit on to more difficult. At present, many in the QQ group and forum can see many of my friends would ask why he made so much of the chain, keyword ranking or no effect, their operation has a problem or crazy love Shanghai.

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