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pictured as "a statistical diagnosis in Shanghai Shanghai dragon" love in the index, through the observation that the diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng heat always keep a steady growth trend. The index data is not a lot, but the figure can be found an interesting phenomenon: the more rapid development of the region, the optimization is more focused on the diagnosis of Shanghai dragon. Why so? Network marketing developed city has always been the high point, and the creation of these enterprises every year in the city network marketing value, but also in other city several times or even several times, even in sales are not anxious to store marketing.

diagnosis, optimization advantages and disadvantages of process diagnosis in Shanghai Longfeng site, for the website search engine development contributed to the electricity supplier homeopathy record, looking for the best breakthrough. Because the A5 optimization group (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝, Shanghai dragon) full of my website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, out of a eight page "website optimization proposal", according to my proposal, to solve the problems of the site did not think, just over a month, ranking number rose, because the Taobao is the guest website, the Commission turned up a few times, I feel Taobao off too good to make money, you believe it? But I believe, I really appreciate A5 optimization team, so I felt inspired to write the original article, for a long time did not write the original, the original hope not too bad.

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but the Internet development is rapid, but the development of the electricity supplier companies in the country has not yet fully spread this around on the "Shanghai dragon" will appear in the search. But if the enterprise fully understands, enabling enterprise network marketing strategy, and how will look? Perhaps in the near future, it is such a situation. Even so, the market is still like a raging fire around the Shanghai dragon, development trend can not be limited to. >

Internet market is unpopular popular electronic commerce is remarkable?. In the enterprise sales profit, the real sales mode has not meet the development of the Internet, which coincides with the rise of Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center "in 2010 Chinese e-commerce market data monitoring report" shows that in 2010 the total sales Chinese e-commerce sales volume reached 4 trillion and 500 billion yuan ($684 billion).

enterprise compete for the electricity supplier era? The search engine ranking decision sales performance, but a poor ranking don’t hack away, how to win a higher ranking, more enterprises to put into place by optimization of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon on the search engine rules of exploration, the site has a good ranking. But Shanghai Longfeng optimization is good, but how much do the occupation of Shanghai dragon er? Most only learn fur, will be called experts to carry out orders process. Reasonable optimization, to achieve high ranking website or a thousand li a day. The optimization of failure, at the end of the light is right down, heavy losses of K station, but what about the profitability of

?The Shanghai born dragon

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