Grasp the two key optimization details make the enterprise stand conversion rate rising

according to the author in recent years the optimization of the enterprise stand experience that many enterprises do not pay attention to the station website landing page, they think that the landing page and even think not essential, increase the landing page will cause the user antipathy. However, this is not the case, a website landing page if it is beautiful and practical, will bring a new user experience for the site, and then enhance the site’s conversion rate. I think, to create beautiful and practical landing pages need to pay attention to two details:


(2) landing page must provide a guide link. Good landing page can not only enhance the user experience, but also promote the purchase of users of our website products. Therefore, we can increase the number of pages in the guide words, such as "the order", "online quiz" tempting words, then these words to add a link to our order page, this can be very convenient for the user to buy the product, but also promotes the transformation of our website rate.

landing page is beautiful and decent, and can let users see at the first glance this website’s main product, this is the perfect practice.


enterprises do optimization or do the bidding is mainly aimed at a few key words to do, very few enterprises will pay attention to some other details, just focus on the keywords ranking. This practice is not consistent with the trend of the times, I now have to operate according to their own experience to share with you, how to let the enterprise obtain climb station flow through the following two optimization details.

now in every industry competition on the Internet is quite intense, some enterprises pay too much attention to the website ranking, website ranking will be considered by the market, this is a very wrong. Now rely on search.

details: to create a beautiful and practical website landing page, and actively guide the users to buy

(1) landing page must have personality and distinctive graceful and concise. Now many enterprises will choose the template site, do need to save the cost, but too monotonous style will let users Shenmeipilao, so add a beautiful landing page will be more to enhance the user experience. The landing page does not need to do too much, interface requirements of appearance, and to highlight our main products, such as the following:

details of the two: the creation of a plurality of flow entrance, fully dispersed flow

?In fact, now

with e-commerce technology development and progress, more and more enterprises began online sales of products, in order to get more traffic and profitability, many companies will take the bidding station or Shanghai Longfeng way to get ranked according to their own situation, so as to get traffic and profitability. But it can really make money business is not much, a lot of enterprises through auction or home station although do Shanghai dragon, but the conversion rate is still poor, what is the reason for this

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