Electricity supplier website, a consumer wants to say to you


as consumers, I hope that the electricity supplier in addition to promotions, but also to understand the intentions of customers, to provide some differentiated, unexpected service.


I am an online shopping fan (Diao Si), like many white-collar workers, like online shopping orders, and then go to the front desk to pick up things, do not go shopping, they buy things. This hobby, but also because urban life is too busy, and no time to go shopping, so understandable. In the experience of Jingdong, Suning, Amazon, Gome, the United States, Le bee, Dangdang and other electricity providers, there are always some words to say, of course, are groundless talk.

no surprise,

first of all, I was excited about the sale of electricity supplier, but after a lot of time no longer excited, but rather confused. Whether it is business or subsidize their own brand, special price promotion, really benefit consumers, but did not cultivate consumer loyalty, also did not bring the joy of like a brand. Now some promotional information sites, such as what is worth buying, sky pie, etc., to provide preferential information for each site, which even destroyed the original intention of these promotions. Because the electricity supplier is intended to use promotions, to attract consumers often come to the website to buy things, rather than go to various websites, only buy Promotional items.

in bold promotions at the same time, the electricity supplier increased short-term sales, but did not cultivate the loyalty of users. I dare say that Jingdong Fanxuan is indeed a good method, because the return to the consumer vouchers, as a unique secret temptation, so that consumers have to use off (the use of online shopping addiction disorder, forcing the fan) but the user long-term integration, is insufficient.

Jingdong has points, but it’s not obvious. For example, I’m bored with $39 for free shipping. I want to have the "super power" to receive something without paying for it". I hope that as a consumer, Jingdong can give me an extra reward, such as my birthday, you can choose a free 59 yuan birthday gift (previously the company often do this); Tanabata Festival, send me a few roses, good to send people. Yes, it is for a petty, annual consumption of 2-3 million consumers, this is worth it for you. If so, I’m sure some people will be looking for a new item on the Jingdong when they’re temporarily buying a product.

didn’t remind

in addition to providing an additional surprise is insufficient, the electricity supplier will not help users recommend some of its favorite things. For example, you often buy a brand of cosmetics, but this price reduction, the electricity supplier will not notice you, should not build a small mailbox in the station, each landing for you to send a few promotional information?. Or I have seen a lot of different foods, but no orders, and the next promotion, whether it should remind me extra.


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