How much is your website worth per P

as for a web site is not to earn money, how much traffic, webmasters are very concerned about, but as a webmaster, you have calculated the value of each IP, have studied a IP real overweight?. Different types of websites, each IP value is different, to the blogger personally operated two sites, for example, to calculate and compare.

is the first site for the type of news website, mainly rely on advertising to make money, is set up with Dedecms, a major update some of the network news, the daily flow of about 500 or so, a monthly advertising revenue at around 1000, according to this ratio calculation, a day of IP 500, calculated in accordance with 1000 each month, the daily income of 30 yuan, then the 30 divided by 500, each IP value in 0.06 yuan. The second site is the product type website, about forty IP per day, the monthly income of 1000 yuan in the same day, the same income is 30 yuan, the value of an IP is almost a piece of money, is more than 10 times the news website.

is also traffic, why some of the site traffic on the value of money, and some site traffic is worthless, and this is the nature of the site is related. Although the product site, each IP value is very high, but does not mean that the overall profit of the product website is high, although the individual IP income is not high, but the overall profit of the website may not be low. To a single product site and a news site compared to, to do a product, there are dozens of traffic every day on the good, excluding garbage flow. And a news website, hundreds of traffic a day is normal.

also, not worth the money of a website IP, but also has a relationship webmaster business strategy, business owners, will be doubling the value of a IP, from product pricing, service attitude, can determine a product site for each IP value, good service attitude, sell out the product must be more. A web site is also 50 IP per day, which operates differently for different people and has different values. And how many IP are there per day on your website, and how much is each IP worth?.

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