Discuss the future trends of the site navigation station

sat next to the computer in a daze, do not know what to do, remember to go on the road to see a lot of leaflets and clerks, the popularity of home computer memories, how fast, how fast the update speed of Internet cafes? Some people say that with the Internet network technology in China is improving, pouring a lot of computer training the number of classes, the school website is also increasing, it can be said on the web site of the oral innumerable, asked a lot of friends, you are the most on the Internet is what? But, Baidu, Google, 123, etc., wherein the site navigation station with no necessity of survival, is it? I do not think that is.

when the shuttle in the District, street, see everywhere is advertising, everywhere is the business opportunities, the money is never earned, so do the site navigation network, a friend is too many to count, now the site navigation station for the development of important Internet tools, not only will not disappear, but also will be more and more can now be said to grow. More and more information can be found on the Internet, looking for what will be online to search to see, can be said that people are increasingly dependent on the network, visible, Baidu, Google is the best example, some will use search engines to search target, but it is not necessarily a panacea, because some site navigation station, as a supplement to the search engine, the Internet will still be another essential partner.

With the increasing number of Internet

, some users will not be confined to always use the same website like hao123 and the whole site navigation may now be netizens leave, you can look back and think, since Baidu hao123, Baidu home page more than a hao123 connection, that is to what is likely to reduce the number of visits, there may be a drop in rank and so on all sorts of reasons! Now the Internet has emerged like we used search engine for a hao123110 (Baidu, Google, YAHOO set, dogs, search, Baidu MP3, Baidu pictures, pictures of a new website Valley brother) on the body, but also increase the function of the site navigation, allowing users to a web site that can transport all fix! Not in many. Lose trivial. For the user experience a complete picture mark.


website in order to survive and develop, it must be profitable, in contrast, site navigation profit model is relatively simple, but also in PPC, text, image ads, its effect is far bigger than the PPC and the site navigation station, then, with PPC, animateur classification network navigation station enough to beat Baidu, Google PPC? The answer is yes,

one. Because the charge for the first person is low,

two. The former position is limited, there is a word called """; "things to dilute your ""; and spend the same money, as in the hao123110 navigation station promotion effect may be better,.

sometimes, perhaps, there are friends who laugh and think it’s too simple, but in fact, the simpler things are, the harder it is to operate, of course

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