Growth process from personal homepage to local community

my interest in building and operating websites started in the first year of College in 2003, when we opened a website construction course, and the tool software at that time was the Three Musketeers MX. Start soon, I was attracted to many sites in Kiki wonderful things, slowly grow their adorable idea of website construction.

that time especially websites are still very ignorant of the Internet, although my high school began to contact with the network, but the network is limited to chat online in nature, real love on the Internet or in the university. Of that time, station is also just rising, a lot of websites to publicize their offer free space, as was famous in the industry of international science and Technology (ICPCN), then I would have applied in the 50M space, using CuteFTP to transfer files up, this is my first website, remember the name that means the wind sail articles, this site will take me to the farther.

later with the increase of the course of study, I slowly came into contact with this ASP website programming language, slowly learned, to the site more vivid and more flexible management, can not do static websites, then the first site removed, replaced with a new website, but at that time the website is purely personal station in nature, according to the ideas of the time is purely in order to express themselves, basically no value at all what browsing.

years of college life has ended, he is very successful in finding the first job, I went to an Internet company in this company, my job is I is mainly responsible for site planning, site planning and follow up the progress of early architecture, because every contact network, it gave me a the establishment of the platform, because before the two stations are all pure play, so I plan to work after the construction of the website should have real value. At this point, the Web2.0 model began to emerge, and the forum began to rage. Although I had no contact with the forum before, I decided to be a community station.

In order to make the

well, I spent time to research the Internet now various styles of forum, and ultimately determine the use of concept Yasukatsu DISCUZ products, and then there is the forum location, I want to be a kind of website, is a comprehensive community or professional forum, this time we suddenly thought of a county the forum is unusually hot, on more than IP3500, so I thought, a county forum to do so hot, I do a city, the market is not bigger, so do local community is the idea of this, I was in Ganzhou, do the Ganzhou community, when the application domain of and of the two domain name has been registered, just has not been registered, and a general framework: Ganzhou community (, came out.


whole framework comes out and you need to do content orientation, so >

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