The choice of key words in enterprise website

with the network marketing era, more and more enterprises realize the importance of having their own site, so the construction site of the boom! But the problem comes, the primary problem is to build enterprise site who? No one knows most of the enterprise website construction, so there are two situations: first, find the site of the company help site; two, set up a special organization responsible for the site. The former, relatively speaking, site costs are relatively low, but there are more questions, the latter although the cost of high, but the effect is obvious. Next, I will say specifically, I think people find the site of the problem:

first of all, the website company is responsible for completing the construction of the website framework. Ignorance of the culture and structure of the enterprise itself. Therefore, after the completion of the site, there will be a lack of enterprise characteristics of the situation,


secondly, after the website is built, can not bring the client. This has appeared the key question which the article will talk about the establishment, the website does not bring the customer the main reason is the website does not have the flow. A construction site is again good but nobody went to see it in vain! How to find your site? In addition to do promotion, the most important is to establish a good website keywords and get a good ranking! Here’s two station:

, the first is, and this is a blog post. At first, when he built the site, he chose the key word "network marketing", but we all know that Internet marketing is a rather hot keyword. "Network marketing" is a general term, which is what we call vague words. Although it is a high frequency word, it is not suitable for personal or enterprise website use. So, I helped him choose the word "network marketing consultant", this word is very accurate relative to the network marketing, the conversion rate is relatively high! Now the site had two months of the website of the PR value is 3, and the ranking has been very stable.

second is, is an enterprise website, the website’s main business is unlocking tools. The site has been built for a long time, but the rankings have been pretty bad. Keywords site choice is the "violence unlock, quick opening tool network", we think about it, if you need tools for unlocking your first thought is what word? Will think of violence unlock or quick opening tool? Of course not, we think of the "lock" or "open the lock tool". Therefore, the key choice of the website has problems, and it can not reach the purpose of user experience. This is also the essential reason why many websites can not bring traffic.


site selection is the key, the website owner to obtain good traffic in addition to built website! The most important thing is to pursue the "customer first" of the truth, to keep the customer’s point of view to consider the issue of

to be successful!

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