Henan garlic farmers face garlic price roller coaster how to avoid risks

garlic in life, most of our friends are often consumed. For the price of garlic, many people feel that it is not worth mentioning, but the price of garlic in Henan province has soared more than 10 yuan per catty! So, Henan garlic farmers face garlic price roller coaster, how to avoid risk?

after a lapse of 6 years, garlic you ruthless comeback. Garlic prices rose last winter, all the way up to the spring of this year, garlic prices around the country record highs, the price of more than 10 yuan per kilogram in many places, greatly exceeding the highest value in 2010 of $6.4 per kilogram. In May this year, with the introduction of new garlic, garlic prices have dropped, but affected by a variety of factors, the price of garlic is still high.

garlic prices, garlic farmers make money, dealers also make money. However, the hidden risks can not be avoided. Why garlic prices this year and rising? Garlic prices will go in the future? The face of garlic price roller coaster, garlic farmers how to avoid risks?

garlic prices hit record highs

6 2, the reporter went to the city of Zhengzhou by the way of the Century Lianhua supermarket, see the retail price of the old garlic garlic is $13.7 per kg, with a total of $6.85 per kilogram.

old garlic expensive, new garlic is more expensive than in previous years. In Zhongmu, a vegetable market, a stall selling semi dry garlic is 5 yuan per catty.

in the field, the price of garlic has doubled over the previous year. Last year, dealers to the edge of garlic, garlic is the highest price of 1.5 yuan per catty, the beginning of this year, the price of wet garlic rose to about $2 per kilogram, and now has more than $3. It’s never been before.

why is the garlic price so high this year? The chairman of the Zhongmu County Refrigeration Association Liu Shaochen analysis said, is a few years ago garlic has been no money or less money, not a lot of farmers; two is a heavy snowfall last winter, and later the cold weather caused this year garlic production in general, the estimated production rate of around 30%.

garlic garlic farmers earn pots full bowl full of

48 year old Mao Yimin Meng Zhongmu County town of Xiao Mao Zhuang village, he planted 5 acres of garlic, about 2000 kg per mu this year. According to this year’s price, can be more than 6000 yuan per mu.

Mao Yimin garlic is still in their homes, not sold. He said: "it is estimated that prices will rise."

in Zhongmu, Qixian County and other places, like Mao Yimin reluctant to sell garlic farmers meet the eye everywhere.

garlic farmers to make money, many dealers are a big profit. The 42 year old Wang Xiaojun is Suileng County of Heilongjiang Province, never do recommend garlic

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