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is now in the social life, is a classic case of start empty-handed entrepreneurship as a new era at the same time, meet the eye everywhere, entrepreneurs should also be timely attention that some entrepreneurs start empty-handed classic case, the only way to success.

1, copying other people’s projects to make money.

2, by the shop to make money for their own goods.

several equally duck neck shop owner, it is not good to do business. Can be the first payment after the sellers. You run errands on the Internet to sell duck, duck leg, duck and so on, each cafe sold 20 duck leg, can earn 40 yuan, 10 yuan for the boss, with 30 yuan. Run 10 Internet cafes a day, but also earn $30 thousand.

3, do not spend money to sell potatoes, earn more than 10000 yuan a day.

4, the use of food and beverage industry to make money in the gap!

The restaurant is not

5, technology, customers, earn two.

to observe and find business opportunities, such as real estate agents, insurance companies and other units of staff love to wear a suit to wear a shirt? You find a tailor’s shop to make a suit, and then you go to the unit to talk about the custom suit. At the same time should be a pair of shoes? Would you like another good shoe polish? You do not need to invest much money, put money into the business card.


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